How to Get a Google Certified Educator in 2019

The first two Google Certified Enthusiasts are here to help.They’re not in education, but they’re also not out of the loop.You know, the kind of people who work with kids and adults at Google.If you’re interested in finding a Google certified educator in your area, check out these 10 best options.The list also includes schools […]

Educators in the US are learning the value of a curriculum with accelerated Christian education

Educators and students alike are beginning to take notice of the rapid acceleration of Christianity in the United States.The United States has an impressive history of teaching and learning Christianity in public schools, and in recent years there have been a number of initiatives that have brought it to a level where it can be […]

How to help your kids learn how to read in the first grade

Michelle Obama’s Education First Initiative (EFI) is providing a free resource book to help children learn how they can read in their first grade.The book, called The Storyteller, is a companion to Michelle Obama: The Storytelling Companion and is designed to help teachers teach students how to think critically about their learning experiences and to […]