When you’re dealing with an education crisis: How to get a free education

When it comes to the education crisis, the question of whether you should pay for it becomes a key one. For the most part, education advocates agree that the answer is yes. However, some of the key arguments are not backed up by evidence. A study in 2016 found that people who are paying for college tend to […]

Which schools need a shake-up to prepare for STEM graduates?

I know you’re probably wondering what to do if you’ve got a STEM degree, but it’s worth knowing about the importance of preparing for those skills.If you have a STEM education, you need to:Know what you’re going to be working with.Know the most important questions to ask for help.Know what the answers are.Ask for help, […]

Google’s Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg talk education in a video interview

In a video that was posted on YouTube, Google cofounder and CEO and philanthropist Jeff Bezos, along with Google CEO Sundar Pichai, discussed education at the 2017 Summit Professional Education Summit.The two met with leaders of education organizations from around the world to discuss education and learn about how they’re working to help kids succeed.Pichai […]