When Trump and the US education system meet: ‘The best education system is the one that takes us forward’

As the first head of the United States’s top-ranked university, Donald Trump is the most influential figure in the US.

He has taken the reins of the most powerful university in the world, the nation’s top university, and it is now his job to lead the world’s second largest university system.

But how is it that he has managed to take over the country’s largest and most prestigious university, where he has presided over the removal of nearly all academic leadership and oversight?

And how is he managing to build on his position at the University of California system to lead his new university?

In this episode of The Conversation, the co-hosts of The Pulse of the Debate discuss the history of the US educational system, the impact of Trump’s election, and the impact that Trump’s policies are having on the US academic and professional community.