How Michelle Obamas Education Secretary is Trying to Sell the U.S. to the Chinese

Michelle Obama is selling the U,S.

government to the China government, according to a new report. 

The president’s bid to sell the U to Beijing has the potential to bring the world closer together, the report by The Washington Post said. 

“The idea that America is in decline, that we’re no longer the dominant force, that America has to do things differently, that the Chinese are the future of the world,” the former first lady said in a speech in Beijing on Monday. 

She was speaking at the opening of a $10 billion Beijing-based business park, China National Science Foundation (CNF) Science and Technology Park, and called on Chinese business leaders to invest in the U., not the Chinese government. 

Ms. Obama said the new business park will be “the most advanced in the world.” 

“And when we see Chinese companies taking on the world’s most advanced research, we will be a more powerful force for the future,” she said.

“We are going to have a better chance of standing up for ourselves.” 

In her speech, Ms. Obama also said the US needs to be more like China, the world leader in the manufacturing of semiconductors and solar cells, the technology behind cell phones, solar power, medical devices, and other industrial applications. 

But she said she wanted to change that. 

Chinese companies would “have to start by making a decision to invest more in American technology,” Ms. Obamas speech said. 

 “That will be true whether or not you agree with my views on China, whether or, in fact, even whether you believe I’m right,” she added. 

Her speech was an effort to build on a push for China to invest billions of dollars in the United States and other nations, and for the US to make the Chinese market more competitive. 

While Ms. China has promised to invest $100 billion in the US over the next decade, Ms Obama has yet to meet with her Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping. 

Earlier this year, she met with Mr. Xi. 

According to the report, Ms Obamas campaign against Chinese manufacturing and investment has had a positive impact on her domestic approval ratings, and has led to increased support from China’s government for her presidency. 

Mr. Obama, the first woman president, has been criticized by some on the left for supporting free trade agreements and other deals with China, and others for the Chinese Communist Party’s policy of militarism in the South China Sea. 

China has been an important player in the Middle East and Africa and is one of the main players in the Asia-Pacific region. 

Last year, the US. military withdrew its combat troops from Iraq after an agreement between the U

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