What is India’s secondary education system?

The Indian Government has recently proposed a new system of secondary education that will be based on the Indian Standards of Secondary Education (ISSE).

The proposed system will provide free education to all students irrespective of their caste and social status.

According to the proposal, students from any social class will be able to get free primary education, secondary education or higher education from the Government-appointed Primary Education Commission.

The new system will be implemented on April 1.

The proposal is in response to a huge increase in demand for secondary education in the country.

According to the Education Ministry, the number of students enrolled in secondary education has been increasing over the past five years.

According the latest statistics, out of the 7.7 lakh students enrolled, nearly 3 lakh are from the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, OBCs, Other Backward Classes and the Untouchables (OBCs).

The Indian Standards Of Secondary Education have been formulated as the basis for secondary schools.

The government has decided to implement the revised system of education on April one.

Under the revised education, students will be given two options for secondary schooling.

The first option is a Basic Education course, which is to be completed in four years.

The second option is the Secondary Education Course, which will be completed by four years from the date of completion of the Basic Education Course.

Both of these options are to be administered by the Central Board of Secondary and Higher Education (CBSE).

For the students enrolled under the revised scheme, it is proposed that the course will be a 4-year course of study.

It is expected that the secondary school will be equipped with facilities that will provide the necessary learning environments.

This is a big step forward for the poor children in the society.

As part of this, the new secondary education programme will be administered on a pilot basis with the participation of the schools.

This will help the government to identify and implement the needs of the children.

The Government will also provide funds to the schools to facilitate the development of these students.

The primary education programme is expected to provide the students with basic educational facilities in schools, with the help of the school administration, so that they can progress in the educational process.

In addition to the secondary education scheme, the Government has proposed to provide free primary and secondary education to students of the Schedules B, C, D, E, F, G and H. These will be provided for free.

Students of the other Backward Castes will be required to complete the Basic Educational Course.

The Scheduled Classes will be allowed to enroll in Secondary Education courses for free, as they have a need of primary education.

With this new secondary school system, the government is trying to address the demand for more education in this country.

This has been the biggest step forward in the last decade.

We want to see more than 10 crore students enrolled.

There are over 200,000 students enrolled through the Government Secondary Education Scheme.

We are hopeful that the new system that is proposed will be effective.

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