What is educational game?

Education game, like most of the online games, is a form of social interaction where players create an avatar of themselves and share images and stories, sometimes in front of other people.

The avatars represent characters, and the interactions are mostly positive, but some games, like the popular game Candy Crush Saga, include some forms of harassment, including death threats, sexual innuendo and physical violence.

In a survey of nearly 2,000 students across a wide range of age groups, students reported receiving at least one death threat, five sexual harassment, six physical violence, five death threats and at least seven threats against themselves.

They also reported being threatened with death.

In the survey, about half of students reported they received one death or death threat.

The survey did not include a representative sample of all students, so the overall results may not be accurate.

The most recent survey of online harassment by the Pew Research Center, conducted in June 2016, found that one-third of students said they had been the target of cyberbullying or harassment.