How to watch Donald Trump’s press conference without the Trump campaign, as he speaks at a meeting with congressional leaders

As Donald Trump delivers his first major speech since becoming the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, he will likely have questions about how to explain the election of a former rival.

While he’s been careful not to talk about his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton directly, the billionaire businessman has made clear his desire to be as transparent as possible.

Here’s how.


How does he explain the rise of Donald Trump, whose candidacy has ignited a political firestorm and sparked violent protests around the country?

Trump will likely use the speech to discuss how to prevent the spread of climate change and what he thinks the Republican Party should do about it.

He’ll also talk about the impact that President Obama’s health care law has had on his finances and the need to address the opioid epidemic.

Trump’s speech could be his most serious since the start of his campaign, and he will probably highlight his experience and qualifications.

The speech will be Trump’s first in person appearance since January and is his most important since the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

His speech, which has been billed as his first public event since winning the election, could have some impact on the campaign’s fundraising efforts.

Some Republicans are also concerned that the president-elect is playing politics by attacking the party that nominated him.

The Democratic National Committee has denied that he has made any negative remarks about the party.


What are the specific plans to address climate change, the opioid crisis and the opioid addiction epidemic?

Trump has promised to cut emissions of greenhouse gases by 30 percent, which he will then use to help reduce carbon emissions.

He also has said he wants to increase the number of coal mining jobs.

In addition, he has pledged to appoint climate experts to lead his EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency and other agencies, and has pledged that he will nominate a Supreme Court justice who would overturn Roe v.

Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion.

Trump has also promised to use his executive authority to make climate change a top priority in his administration, and his nominee for secretary of the Interior has expressed support for drilling on federal lands.

Trump is also likely to address issues that have been the subject of national and international debate, including the opioid and gun violence crisis, which is affecting communities across the country.

He has called for closing the detention centers at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where more than 500 prisoners are held.

He will also be the first president in history to visit the White House as a guest, and will likely highlight his efforts to protect the health of children.

Trump also has promised an infrastructure program that would provide jobs and infrastructure funding to help communities rebuild and create jobs.


What do Republicans want from the Republican administration?

Trump wants to focus on the need for the GOP to win back the House and Senate, and the president is expected to make a big push for Republican senators to support him and his agenda.

He is also expected to propose sweeping tax cuts, a big part of his populist economic agenda.

Trump will be expected to take a hard line on trade, but he may try to avoid getting involved in the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, which some Republicans oppose.

He’s also likely expected to push for changes to Obamacare.


What is the Trump administration’s policy on immigration?

The president-tourist president has repeatedly promised to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, but it’s unclear what Trump’s plans are for the U,D.C. border.

Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence have said they would not build a border wall, but they have not said whether they would build a temporary one.

In the event of a border security breach, border agents would use force if they felt the threat was imminent.

The Department of Homeland Security has said it’s not clear what Trump is going to do about the sanctuary cities that allow immigrants in the U.,D.S. to seek refuge and avoid deportation.


What will the president have to say about climate change?

Trump is expected for the first time to take the stage in front of the American public and talk about global warming.

The climate change issue is likely to be one of the most discussed topics during the speech, but Trump is not expected to go into specifics about the issue, which many Republicans have criticized him for not being specific about.

Trump, who will be sworn in Jan. 20, has promised a massive reduction in carbon emissions from the energy sector and will be pushing to eliminate the Clean Power Plan, which would impose strict emissions limits on power plants.

Trump wants the president to nominate a “top” climate change expert to lead the EPA.

He may also focus on climate science and climate change research in general.

Trump was a prominent opponent of the Paris climate agreement, and many Republican senators have threatened to pull out of the deal unless the administration does more to fight global warming, according to the Washington Post