Elon Musk: I’m not going to let a political revolution get me down

Elon Musk, the billionaire CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and SpaceX, says he’s not going back to politics and says he would be willing to take the risk of getting into a political fight if necessary.

Musk, who is running for president, made the comments during a sit-down interview with the American Prospect.

The interview was conducted on Wednesday at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in San Francisco.

Musking said he had been considering running for the White House for a number of years, but that after having his son’s birth at home, he decided he wouldn’t take a chance on another campaign.

“It’s not because I’m a coward or not confident in my abilities.

It’s because I know the risks I’m taking,” Musk said.

“It’s because of the consequences of running for public office.”

The CEO said that he has been thinking about running for office since he was a teenager, and that he wanted to do so while he was in a good place.

“There are many reasons for wanting to do it, and it’s not the least of them is I’ve spent my whole life working to help the world in the service of others,” Musk explained.

Musks statement comes just a day after he was asked by Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo if he’d run for president if the right conditions were present.

“I would certainly be willing,” Musk responded.

“But we’ll see how it unfolds.

We’ll see what happens with the Republican primary.”

Musk said he’s been in contact with a number Republican governors about a possible bid, but added that it was not his preference to run for office in the first place.

“I don’t think it’s a priority to be in politics,” he said.

“My focus is to build and accelerate the commercialization of space and to do all the things that make a space program great,” Musk added.

Musky, a billionaire, is an outspoken critic of the Obama administration’s climate change policy, saying he’s concerned that President Donald Trump could change his mind on the issue in the near future.

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