When will Netflix’s Sex Education series be available for streaming?

Netflix’s new series on sex education is finally here, and it’s absolutely stunning.

Written by the Academy Award-nominated writer Michael Bloomberg and produced by a team of sex education experts, Sex Education is the first of a slew of educational titles to be available on Netflix in 2019. 

“I am so thrilled and excited to be a part of Netflix’s sex education series, and I am honored to be part of a groundbreaking partnership with Adult Education and the Emmy-nominee producer BandLab for Education,” Bloomberg said.

“I’m thrilled to have a place on Netflix that provides kids with the tools to better themselves and their partners. 

As with any new series, Sex Ed has been designed to appeal to an older audience. “

Adult education helps to raise awareness of the harms of sexual abuse and sex trafficking, and we’re proud to be bringing Netflix’s brand of educational content to a wider audience.” 

As with any new series, Sex Ed has been designed to appeal to an older audience.

Netflix will debut the series in the United States on August 4. 

The show is described as “a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to the art and science of sexual health, sexuality, relationships and the human condition”.

“Adult Education’s curriculum, which includes topics like consent, safe sex, orgasm, and the importance of a safe and loving relationship, is designed for young people to learn about healthy sexual behaviors,” Netflix explained. 

“‘Sex Ed’ offers teens the knowledge they need to be empowered and have sex without feeling pressured or pressured to change,” Netflix added.

“Teenagers will also learn how to have safer, more authentic, and fulfilling relationships.”