Obama Education Secretary Malia Obama has a new school, but only in one corner of the country

The new Obama administration has released a short list of districts that it wants to expand the school-to-prison pipeline by one to two years.

The White House also said it wants more school choice and more schools in disadvantaged neighborhoods.

The new initiative aims to address the need for more school diversity, improve school performance, and foster more innovative approaches to learning.

The announcement comes as Obama’s education secretary, Malia Opelka, begins her tenure at the Education Department.

She was confirmed in November by the Senate.

She is expected to serve until the end of 2021.

In a statement, Obama administration Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said that “the Administration is focused on improving the lives of students and families, particularly those in communities of color.”

“We are committed to building on the progress that has been made in reducing student poverty and ensuring that every student has the opportunity to reach their full potential, and we are committed on this path to invest in schools that will be well-equipped to meet this challenge,” DeVos said.

“The Obama Administration will continue to support our communities in our effort to achieve greater equity and more opportunities for all children.”

Obama announced the new program at a ceremony in New York City on Thursday.

He also released a new map that he hopes will help families find schools.

The map shows the locations of the districts where Obama wants to move to more schools.

It does not include any of the states that voted for Trump, such as Florida, which is currently on its way to becoming a third-party state.

In some cases, Obama’s proposed expansion would create new schools within the existing system.

For example, the new initiative would have created a school in one district that would have been expanded to another district by the administration.

The list also includes new school options for families in districts where there is a high rate of poverty and other racial and ethnic disparities.

Obama has also set a goal to have more than 5 million new preschoolers enrolled in kindergarten by 2020.

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