Virtual Reality is coming to Texas, too!

I spent a couple of hours with Oculus VR’s head of virtual reality, David McDonough, and he told me a couple interesting things about virtual reality.

He mentioned that they’re going to be bringing the Oculus Rift to Texas in the near future, and that they plan to have a lot of education content available on that headset.

He also talked about how they plan on doing a lot more in-person virtual learning experiences.

I asked about the Texas Hunter Education discount, which I think is a really great idea.

He said that Texas will be able to get some virtual education content, but only if you live in the state.

If you live outside the state, you’ll need to be able get your kid to Texas for the VR experience. 

Texas will be getting more VR content, including educational content.

He didn’t say when exactly that will happen, but he did say that they’ll have VR content available for free, so that it’s not a premium product.

McDonaugh also said that the Oculus VR team is looking at making educational content available in VR, so it’s a really cool addition to their VR platform.

VR is going to make things much easier, but also much more immersive, he added. 

There are a couple more VR announcements that came up.

Mcdonough mentioned that a lot has changed in VR over the last couple of years.

For example, he mentioned that VR has changed from being a novelty thing, to being a very important piece of the education equation.

McDONOUGH: The way the VR platform is evolving is it’s really important for us to take advantage of that and give it a shot.

We’re taking VR very seriously and VR is definitely a part of our education pipeline.

VR has been a huge part of the VR education ecosystem for years.

There’s so much content out there.

There are tons of VR tutorials out there and you can get it all from a variety of different VR companies.

So there’s a lot that’s being created right now. 

McDonough said that we have to make sure that we’re not making it too hard.

He added that VR is still an extremely young medium, and the more education is available to kids, the more VR will be available to everyone.

He reiterated that Oculus is looking to make VR education more accessible and fun. 

David McDonought is a senior research fellow in the Center for Virtual Education at the University of Texas at Austin.

He is a founding member of the Virtual Reality Education and Technology (VREDT) Working Group, and an advisor to the Texas Department of Education.