Which states are most likely to cut the cost of college?

The American College Board says there are 11 states with the lowest costs per student.

But some of those states have tuition hikes that are more than 20% of what it would cost in other states.

The AP’s chart is based on data from the Association of American Colleges and Universities. 

States with the highest tuition rates are: Texas, where the average sticker price is $27,947 per year for a bachelor’s degree, and Washington, D.C., where the sticker price for a graduate degree is $34,624 per year. 

Texas, which has a student population of 1.3 million, has the highest sticker price per student, according to the AP.

Washington, which boasts an enrollment of more than 35 million, ranks fourth with $27.4 million per year per student per year, while Florida ranks fourth, at $32,912 per year and Colorado ranks fifth, at the current rate of inflation. 

The AP said it analyzed tuition data from four states, each of which has its own set of criteria for determining which schools are most affordable. 

“We have to look at where there is the least amount of need and the most value in the student,” said Paul A. Zugerman, the AP’s vice president for research and analytics. 

Zugerman added that while the AP data showed that states with tuition rates that are higher than in states with lower sticker prices tend to be higher-quality public universities, some states are not quite so well-known for higher-priced education. 

For instance, Florida ranks seventh with the most expensive state school, a public university in Miami, while New York and New Jersey have the second and third most expensive schools. 

Some of the states with higher sticker prices are also places with the least cost of living in the country, and those states also have higher levels of poverty. 

In Michigan, the median household income is $35,000 per year less than in California and New York, according the AP, while the median cost of attendance for a public school is $22,764 per year in New York. 

And in Oklahoma, the cost per student is more than $26,000, more than half of the national average. 

But the AP found that while states with a higher sticker price do tend to have higher percentages of low-income students, the state also has the most public schools with high tuition rates. 

It found that in Oklahoma in 2016, the percentage of low income students in public schools was 13% higher than the national percentage, according with the APs chart. 

That is also the case in Virginia, a state with a population of more then 50 million.

In 2016, 31% of public school students were low- and moderate-income, while in Virginia in 2016 that number was 35%. 

And the AP said that although states with high sticker prices do have higher rates of poverty, they are not nearly as economically disadvantaged as states with more expensive education.

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