‘What to look for when applying for a job with Pixar’: Here’s the full resume

The Disney-owned studio’s resume has been the subject of a number of controversy this week, with the company’s own website listing an official, full resume with a link to a website listing applicants’ official resumes and job descriptions.

But the resume listed by Autodesk Education does not actually exist, according to a spokesperson for Autodesks parent company, Disney.

The Autodeski Education resume page lists three fields of study for Pixar’s career-focused employees, but does not include any reference to Pixar itself.

Instead, the page states that the company has a “culture of excellence” that includes “experience working on the most cutting-edge technologies and processes.”

The company’s official resume does not mention Pixar in the first sentence, and it doesn’t state that Pixar is an employee.

Autodesky Education lists three field of study, including a degree in animation, but the firm does not list Pixar in any of its job descriptions, including the description for Pixar VP of Engineering, Greg Zuckerman.

Autodesk also did not mention that Pixar was founded by Pixar’s founding brothers Carl and Roy Disney.

Instead of listing Pixar’s history, the Pixar website simply states that “Pixar is a creative company with strong corporate cultures.”

Autodesks website does not link to the official Pixar resume page.

Instead the website offers a resume listing “a variety of jobs” for Pixar employees and offers more information on the company.

The Pixar resume does say that “We are a global creative innovation powerhouse,” and Autodeskin Education describes Pixar as “an iconic company that has been around for more than a century.”

Autodeks Education does list Pixar as a parent company.

But Autodeska is a division of the Walt Disney Company, not Disney.

Autodek Education did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the resume listing.

Pixars CEO Rob Schmitt has since responded to the controversy on Twitter, saying that the Pixar resume listing is a “mistake,” and he is “totally aware of how we got it wrong.”