Google Education ranking is not an indicator of the quality of a school

TechCrunch – Google Education rankings are not a measure of the overall quality of schools in the US, according to a new report.

The new report, “US Education Ranking – 2018,” comes out this week from Stanford University, and the findings come as a blow to the company, which has been dogged by the US Department of Education’s (DOE) investigation into whether it’s using data to target minority students.

Google is not a charter school, but the report notes that it’s also not an educational institution, as it has “no traditional school mission or goal.”

Instead, it focuses on the quality and diversity of its education, as well as how it does business and how it delivers to students. 

The study finds that Google Education ranks the US as a good place to be for students in a number of ways.

It’s among the best for students who want to work on their career.

The company is one of the best places to work when they are working in tech, and has more than double the diversity of the average employer, the report found.

The study found that Google’s diversity and inclusion efforts, as a result of the DOE investigation, have made it a “lonely” school, ranking only behind the University of Washington.

The study also found that there are plenty of other factors that make Google Education a good school for minority students, including:Google offers a variety of scholarships, and it’s the best school for students to apply to.

Its diversity, and inclusion initiatives, have given it an advantage in getting students who may not have the same chances in other schools. 

Google also has a high rate of graduating minority students who have a high school degree or better.

There are also plenty of Google Education scholarships available, the study found.

It also found Google offers financial aid for students with low test scores, and there are also scholarships for students from low-income families.

Google has also created a scholarship program for students that would be otherwise ineligible.

It also offers a merit-based scholarship for students of color.

The report also notes that Google is not the only school that provides a variety, and that the company is making efforts to make the diversity and equity of its workforce more visible.

It is important to note that the report only considers the US Education ranking, and not the overall ranking, as the report does not include the quality or diversity of schools across the country.

The DOE’s investigation into Google’s education practices is still ongoing, and is still looking into Google.

The DOJ did not respond to a request for comment. 

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