Jared Kushner education pledge: ‘I will deliver education to every child in every community’

President Donald Trump’s Education Secretary is pledging to “provide every child” in every state a quality education and to “work to make the education system more accessible to every family and every student in every city.”

The pledge to “build a world-class education system that is fair, equitable, and accessible to all” came as the administration announced new policies that will require states to fund a “mandatory cap on out-of-pocket spending for teachers” and “eliminate the need for public funding to private schools.”

Trump’s Education Department is the largest federal education agency and oversees thousands of charter schools across the country.

The education department’s policy on the cap on spending on teachers comes in the wake of a scathing report that found that the government spends a staggering $6 billion a year on charter schools, including $1.7 billion per year on the schools that have received a federal grant from the Trump administration.

The report was released last week.

The president has been accused of undermining public education in recent months by proposing to cut funding for early childhood education and other programs that help families get off the ground.

The Trump administration has defended the plan, arguing that it helps children who are most in need and that it would be a “mistake” to cut programs that do not help students.

The president is set to meet with the heads of charter school groups, which include the American Federation of Teachers and the American Council on Education.

Kushner’s pledge also comes as the Trump transition team is considering whether to make Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and the president himself, the next education secretary.