Trump Education: A podcast on the president’s new education agenda

Donald Trump has promised a new education system that is “greater, smarter and more inclusive” and “better for you, your family and your students.” 

But he’s also been accused of using his office to pursue policies that are not aligned with his stated principles. 

What is the Trump Education agenda? 

What’s in it? 

In this episode, we take a look at the Trump administration’s education agenda and explore the many areas where Trump is being criticized. 

In the first half of the episode, host Ryan Seacrest explains the Trump education agenda, while guest Chris Erikson explores some of the controversies surrounding Trump’s administration. 

As you’ll hear, Trump has also been criticized for his lack of support for students in states with poor graduation rates and for his policies that undermine public education. 

After that, we discuss the impact of Trump’s policy on public education and the future of education in the United States. 

Watch this episode now: FourFourTwo Episode 8 – Trump Education on Education  (6:00) Listen on the Internet or download on YouTube : episode contains explicit language. 

Please note: This podcast contains profanity, adult themes, and sexual content.