Kerala students in awe at their teachers

Kerala, India – A new state in India, Kerala, in the north of India has become a playground for teachers of all ages.

The state, where more than 30 per cent of the state’s population of 1.2 billion is under the age of 25, is home to more than 500 schools, with some of them producing teachers who go on to become famous for their teaching skills.

Some of the best teachers in the state come from small towns like Thiruvananthapuram, where students attend their primary school as well as some of the most famous teachers in India.

The teacher who was known for his ability to communicate with students from across India is the president of the Thiruvaanathapurams Teachers’ Union.

The union is a coalition of over 20 unions, and it has more than 10,000 members, many of whom are trained teachers.

Sangam Mahadev, who heads the union, is a teacher from Thiruvannamalai village in Kerala, where he started his career.

He is now the president.

“In Kerala, teachers get a lot of respect.

They have to show their class’s dignity and respect.

But even now, the teachers are not satisfied.

I feel they have no support from the government,” said Mahadevar, who is now in his 60s.

He was born in Thiruvarur, Kerala’s largest town.

He also attended school in Thiruvannamala, an independent village.

Mahadev said the union started organising a meeting for teachers in May to discuss their needs.

He said he was not sure how the government would react to the meeting, but added, “I am not against teachers.

Teachers have to be respected.

I am a teacher.”

But the union has been fighting for the education system to be reformed since the mid-1990s.

The issue was raised again in 2014, when the then education minister, K. Jayakumar, was caught on camera at a public meeting of the union’s teachers.

He called for a return to the days when all schools had one teacher and no more.

The minister was sacked from office in February, and the education minister was also sacked.

Mahadevan was elected president of his union and the government has also pledged to reform the education sector.

“We are going to change the education systems of India.

Teachers in Kerala are the most respected in the country,” he said.

But Mahadevi said the changes are still in their early stages and the teachers have not received the support they needed.

“They are the first to be promoted.

It is not a matter of just teaching.

Teachers are the backbone of the education institutions.

Teachers teach from their own hearts and not from the central government,” he added.