The latest NHS body has been accused of ‘pandering to white supremacists’ by a disabled man

Health officials are facing a backlash after it emerged that a disability group has been given funding to lobby against plans to make the NHS a “safe space” for people with physical disabilities.

The Disability Rights Trust (DRT) was created by the government last year after the former Conservative-led coalition was criticised for its plans to remove disabled people from all care and support roles, including in the public service.

A DRT spokesperson told the Sunday Times: “We welcome any opportunity to educate and provide support to disabled people, including through this research.”

However, the DRT has been criticised for not fully implementing the “pandering” policy that the charity is calling for, saying it is a “bizarre” attempt to “blatantly pander to white supremacy”.

Dr Caroline Morgan, a physical therapist with Down’s Syndrome who has campaigned against disability policies in the UK, said that she had been told by staff in the organisation’s care unit that “they [the DRT] don’t like disabled people”.

“They were saying, ‘you don’t have a disability, you don’t get benefits, you are not welcome in the NHS’.”

The DRT said it had been advised to look into the claims made by the organisation.

It has been contacted for comment.