Tads Education Institute will take a hard look at child care education

Tads education institute will take another look at childcare education, the parent and child advocate group says.

The Education Minister and her chief executive, Chris Dickson, have both pledged to investigate childcare education.

Ms Dickson said in a statement to the ABC the department would conduct a comprehensive review of childcare education in the coming months.

“This will be a comprehensive and independent review of how we educate children, including childcare,” Ms Dinson said.

“We will work to ensure childcare is always a part of our educational journey, whether in school or at home.”

Tads Education is the national organisation of independent parents who provide child care.

It is currently funded by the Government and it’s primary purpose is to ensure children receive a quality education.

But the advocacy group says it is not the primary purpose of Tads, but that the organisation will look at how it can improve the quality of childcare provided.

“There are many parents who believe that there is no good place to be in childcare education,” Ms Gill said.

The Education Minister has also pledged to increase funding for child care centres in schools.

It’s not just Tads that has been calling for changes to childcare education funding.

The Government has recently announced that it will increase the childcare support allowance to $4,000 for the first three years of a child’s life, from $2,500.

That’s a huge increase, but it is only a one-off.

In her statement to journalists on Wednesday, Ms Gill acknowledged that childcare support was not always enough to provide a quality childcare experience.

“But that’s the nature of the beast.

It’s not a free lunch, we need to make sure we have access to a range of resources, including child care, to ensure our children get the best possible start in life,” she said.