Amazon’s aws educational program to debut in November

The popular entertainment streaming site Amazon is introducing a new educational program for students that lets them watch episodes of its popular shows.

Amazon Prime Video will begin streaming a series of series starting Nov. 15 that will feature Amazon’s original content as well as videos from the popular streaming site.

“We’re excited to start offering this service to students and their parents to help them learn about the great Amazon culture,” said Amazon VP of Content David Gaughan in a statement.

“It’s a fun way to keep learning as the content grows, and we hope students and parents will enjoy watching the show.”

Amazon Prime members who subscribe to the streaming service will also get access to a new series called The Book of Awes, which is about a woman who writes her memoir, The Book Of Awes.

Amazon’s newest series, which premiered on Sept. 12, features Amazon Prime video shows, including the Emmy-winning series House of Cards and Veep.

Amazon has been growing its Prime Video offering to include many of its own original content, including shows like The King of Queens, Transparent, House of Lies, and the upcoming Transparent: The Making of Transparent.

It also recently introduced a new free video series for Amazon Prime subscribers called Awesomeness, which features Amazon’s best animated shows, from characters like Spider-Man, Rocketman, The Simpsons, and Big Hero 6.

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