The first video game we actually know of is The Sims 4 (and not the Sims 2)

You can tell from the title, because The Sims is a game.

And it’s not the first video games to have sex.

It’s a game that’s made by two companies, EA and Take-Two Interactive.

But this year, it’s made it into the mainstream.

Take-It Interactive has announced that it’s putting the game’s sex ed content in the game.

The Sims’ official website explains that The Sims is “an immersive, real-time virtual sex education resource designed for both teens and adults.”

It’s designed to “help players learn how to achieve more authentic, passionate, and fulfilling relationships.”

The Sims 2’s SexEd is an optional downloadable add-on for the game, which comes with a guide on how to “be a better sex worker,” and a “sex educator” toolkit.

The website lists a bunch of other features that will also help players “learn more about sex,” but the website also notes that the game is meant to “deliver a fun and engaging game experience for everyone.”

The game is “fully playable, fully playable, and completely free of ads and pop-up advertisements,” and that it is a “sexual exploration game.”

The developers are working on a sequel that will be free to download and is scheduled to launch “in the coming months.”

“SexEd.COM is an immersive, virtual sex ed resource designed a game,” the website says.

“The Sims Sex contains over 25,000 sex-positive resources and videos.

There are over 250 videos and over 4,500 sex education videos.

The sex ed videos are designed to be as engaging as possible to help players learn more about their sexuality and explore the sexuality of others.

SexEd can be viewed on iOS, Android, PC, and mobile devices.

The site says that it has partnered with The Sims for sex ed.

The video game will also be included in the upcoming The Sims 5.

The first game to do this was the hugely popular, highly-rated game The Sims: Red, White and Blue.

And if you don’t know about The Sims, it was a pretty cool game.

It was a social simulator, in which you played as a single mom trying to raise her young family while raising the kids you were supposed to.

It had a lot of things going for it, like a gorgeous world and tons of options for how you wanted to play.

It has been a great way to spend time with your family.

But its also a game where there were a lot fewer choices.

It didn’t have the same depth or complexity that The Elder Scrolls Online had in its online world.

I don’t think I’ll be able to remember The Sims.

But I’m pretty sure I won’t be able’t remember how to play a video game as well.

This is a big step for the SexEd team.

They’re aiming to make sex ed in the Sims 4 “the most immersive, interactive, and sex education game ever.”

SexEd will come to the mobile version of the game on October 12, 2019.

TakeTwo is a major player in the video game business.

Its a company that owns EA, Take-In Interactive, and Red Storm Entertainment.

They also own the popular mobile game and social networking app, Facebook.

The company is also a major developer of the popular social network, Zynga.

This has not gone unnoticed.

Earlier this year The Verge published a piece by a sex educator who had recently left a company in which she had worked.

The woman claimed that TakeTwo was a “sabotaging company that actively discouraged women from engaging in their sexuality.”

She also said that the company “has an extensive record of harassing and discriminating against female employees, and has taken no meaningful steps to address the harassment or discrimination.”

In her article, the sex educator said that she left the company because she “felt unsafe working there because the company didn’t treat me like a valued member of the workforce.”

In a statement to Polygon, TakeTwo said, “Sex Ed.COM and the accompanying sex educator tools and resources will continue to be available to users of The Sims game.

They will be available as downloadable add ons for the Sims 5.

“The sex educator also told Polygon that she didn’t want to say much more about what she’s doing because it’s “still very early days.

“We’ll have more on this story when we have more information.

We’ll update this story as we get it.

It looks like the Sex website is coming to the game soon.

The news is not good.

We’ve reached out to EA for comment.

If you’re a sex ed teacher, what do you think of this move by TakeTwo?