How to help your kids learn how to read in the first grade

Michelle Obama’s Education First Initiative (EFI) is providing a free resource book to help children learn how they can read in their first grade.

The book, called The Storyteller, is a companion to Michelle Obama: The Storytelling Companion and is designed to help teachers teach students how to think critically about their learning experiences and to be inspired to write their own stories.EFI is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting education through technology, including online and mobile learning.

This initiative, launched in 2012, is part of a broader campaign to empower kids to learn in a more creative and inclusive manner through digital learning.

The book will be available for purchase through the Education First website starting August 1.

The program also offers free access to the books for parents and educators.

The goal of the program is to “make learning as fun and rewarding as possible,” EFI president Michelle Obama said in a statement.

“The goal is to help young people discover and enjoy reading as much as possible in their own time.”

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