Why ‘fake news’ doesn’t work for schools

The US has a problem with fake news and “fake news is fake news”, Donald Trump said in an interview with the Associated Press published Friday.

The president said the term “fake” was being used to describe the internet’s dissemination of misinformation and propaganda, and he said it would be better to “use terms like misinformation, which are very harmful”.

Trump also criticized the media for what he said was its bias against him and his administration.

He said he had taken “very strong measures” to combat the phenomenon of “fake journalism”.

“When I am doing the interviews I will say I am not using any words that are negative,” Trump said.

“I am not saying that if I were a bad person, I would be a great president.

“It is fake. “

It is fake because it is a lie. “

It is fake.

It is fake because it is a lie.

And if you watch the news or you read the news, you will see it.

It’s fake.”

He also attacked the media, which he said often “skewed” the news to help the White House and its allies.

Trump has said that he is not the president for many of the US media’s coverage of his administration and his White House has also been accused of making up facts and spreading falsehoods.

Trump did not mention any specific media outlet by name during his remarks but said he “has done the exact same thing”.

He said “many of the stories that are being reported now are not accurate”.

“And that’s a problem.”

“So we’re going to be very careful because it’s a very dangerous thing.

It will be a very difficult task to solve it.

And you’re going see it a lot.”

Trump has repeatedly claimed that the media has manipulated the election and that he was unfairly targeted by it.

He has also repeatedly called into question the legitimacy of the election, with many polls suggesting that his margin of victory was narrower than the popular vote.

In an interview published in February, Trump said that polls “are rigged” and that “people don’t believe it”.

The president has repeatedly said that if he were a “bad guy” and a candidate of the “fake media”, he would have won.

“People are very angry with me.

They’re very angry.

I get a lot of those people,” he said.

He also said the media’s biased coverage of him and the administration’s policies was a “disaster”.

Trump has previously accused the media of bias against his administration by focusing on stories that “were very negative” about his administration, including allegations of ties between the Trump campaign and Russia.

“The press is so biased,” Trump told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria in an April interview.

“There’s so much fake news out there, it’s not even called fake news.

It has been called that for years.

And I’m not going to stop calling it that.

And it’s so negative.”

Trump also said that the term used to define the term fake news “is very harmful and a lot can be done to fix it”.

He told the AP: “You can use words like misinformation or false, and it is false.

“In terms of our country, I’m going to work very hard to fix this. “

And when I say, I will fix it, I don’t mean in one week, I mean in a year. “

In terms of our country, I’m going to work very hard to fix this.

And when I say, I will fix it, I don’t mean in one week, I mean in a year.

And that’s what I mean.”

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