How to keep the ball away from Milan?

1 / 1 By the time the international break rolls around, we can start to get a feel for how the Rossoneri will line up, but first we need to understand what exactly the Bianconeri are really about.

Milan are a team that likes to play on the counterattack, and they’ve done that quite often this season. 

When the Biancocelesti play out from the back, it can be very difficult for the opposition to stop the attack, and with the added pressure the opposition will give up, the chances are they’ll take a big one. 

In contrast, they are very cautious when they play from the front, and their counter-attacks are very well-disguised.

The main difference is that they use two strikers, as opposed to three. 

It’s not all about the passing though, Milan’s players have also shown that they’re not afraid to play without the ball, which is often key to a good counter-attack. 

To see why, take a look at the images above. 

They show a very compact and balanced team, which has the ability to play out of the back with the ball in their hands. 

Milan play with two strikers on the flanks, with their striker dropping deep to join the attack. 

However, when the attacking midfielder drops deep, Milan usually use the ball on the wing, with the defensive midfielder dropping deep behind them to join in. 

These are the two main roles of the defensive midfielders, with both players dropping deep, and Milan are very successful with their counterattacks with these two positions. 

On top of that, there’s no pressure from the opposition, and it’s a very good counter to counter-attacking. 

With a counter-pressing system like this, the only real pressure is from the goalkeeper. 

If Milan can control the game through their central midfielders and their central strikers, they’ll be able to counter a lot of the attacking plays of the other teams. 

This is why the Rossoni are so dangerous on the break, especially when they are playing from the counter-in. 

The midfielders can press high up the pitch, and the strikers can press low down, which can cause the opposing team to lose their rhythm. 

As you can see in the image below, Milan are usually the ones to press high on the pitch. 

But the attacking side is always there, and this can lead to problems for the defence, because the attacking players are not expecting any pressure from their teammates. 

That is why it’s very important for the team to have a solid defensive line, and to try to maintain that line through the middle of the pitch whenever possible. 

And if Milan are able to keep that line clean and composed, it’s possible to see why they are so difficult to break down. 

Take a look again at the image above.

Milan play from a 4-4-2 system, and are usually a very solid defensive unit. 

While this can be good on the ball for Milan, they have a tendency to drop deep, which leads to a lot more counter-play. 

Therefore, the best way to defend against a counter attack is to have the full back stay deep and defend with the centre-back, as shown below. 

Here, Milan keep the centre back high up and press high, which gives the attacking midfielders the freedom to move forward. 

For the wingers, it will be very important to stay compact in the middle, which allows them to make sure that they stay up the field. 

There are also three players that can move forward on the attack to support the wingbacks. 

One of these is Dani Alves, and he has a very difficult job on the left flank, as he’s usually expected to drop deeper to join Milan’s midfield. 

He’s also very good at defending in the air, as seen below.

This will be a key area of Milan’s game, and one that will always be in danger if they lose the ball. 

Dani is a great example of how a team can make a lot from a weak defensive line. 

We can see here that Milan’s fullbacks are also very effective in their pressing. 

Again, Milan have a very strong defensive line here, and we can see why. 

Without the ball and the defensive back, Milan can play with the outside of the Milan defence and take advantage of the space in front of them. 

Their forwards, as well, can be a bit too aggressive, which creates a lot too much space for the outside backs. 

Because of this, Milan need to maintain a strong defensive structure, which will lead to Milan being able to make a strong counter-move when Milan lose the possession. 

Finally, Milan is very good when they use their fullbacks to press. 

A lot of Milan are excellent in this area, and often times they’ll play the fullbacks down the

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