Which Educational Goals Are Worth It?

Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon all offer discounted prices for schools with more than 1,000 students, and it’s a trend that continues to gain steam.

Apple is offering a $50 discount on the iPad Pro for elementary and middle schools, and Google is offering an Apple Pixel with the latest iOS 9 for $200 off its $500 price tag.

As for Amazon, they’re offering $60 off a $400 iPad Pro with the newest version of Amazon Alexa, as well as a $100 Amazon Echo Dot that’s running the latest version of Android.

The list goes on, with Amazon’s Kindle Prime being the best-selling product, and Amazon Prime’s 30-day trial has sold out.

Amazon Prime members can also buy an additional two-day subscription for $35, and for $20 Amazon Prime Gold members get the opportunity to take advantage of a $150 Amazon Echo Spot.

Google also offers discounted prices on some of its popular devices, and the Google Home smart speaker is the latest to get the discount.

Google is also offering a free two-month trial of its Chromecast, with a $5 discount for Amazon Prime subscribers.

Apple also offers a $25 discount on its Pixel smartphones and tablets, and a $10 discount on iPad Pros, iPads, Macs and other devices.