Jack Dorsey and Apple Education Discount: ‘It’s been a roller coaster’

Jack Dorson and Apple have a new app to help you get the education you want and more: the Apple Education discount.

The deal is on sale from 10am PT on Wednesday, April 18.

If you have the free Apple iOS 10, you can get 15% off the entire app, including a 10% off iPad Pro and the entire library of the new Apple iBooks.

That means you can spend up to $5,000 on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, and then get the full library of books for $1,499.

The discount starts at $249, but it’s also available to people who already have a Mac or an iPad.

The app allows you to search and compare your library, choose the books you want to buy and save money on the app itself.

It even lets you download apps for iOS and Mac, but Apple says that this is a limited feature and only available on Apple TV and Apple TVOS.