How the US schools are failing the middle class, Biden says

Biden says the middle-class and working-class kids have a “special place in our schools” because they’re the “most vulnerable” in America.

The vice president says education is an “urgent priority” and that the Obama administration has been “doing everything we can to create pathways for our students to get ahead, not just for those who come from the bottom of the economic ladder, but also for those that are making it.”

He also says that “we’ve seen that we have to be very clear that the kind of education we provide is not just about math and science, it’s about what we’re learning, and it’s not just the kind that we know from a textbook.

It’s what our students are actually learning from their teachers.””

We’re making sure that they have access to those opportunities that they need to be successful in life,” Biden says.”

Our goal is to ensure that they can be successful as they get to middle and high school.”

Biden says the US education system has “not kept pace with changing needs” and has been outpaced by other countries.

“What’s happened in other countries is that they’ve had to make significant investments to get to the point where they’re providing the kind, quality education that’s needed,” he says.

Biden also says his administration has set aside $400 million to hire 400,000 teachers and other educators.

The White House says Biden’s budget for education includes $1 billion for teacher pay, and that this money will be used to help schools with “costs, costs, costs” such as textbooks, technology and staff.

The White of the US also says the budget also includes $2.5 billion for college scholarships and other education programs.BIDEN: ‘WE’RE TAKING BACK OUR NATION’The US president’s budget is also designed to help states make their schools “the safest places to be in America,” according to Biden.

Bidens plan includes $3.6 billion in grants to help school districts address teacher safety, student health and student achievement.

The president says this will also help states reduce costs.

Bids will be made for a “strategic plan” to increase the number of teachers in the US, which would be aimed at improving education quality and teacher morale. 

The White also says Biden is proposing to establish a “super-school” for children with special needs, which is a program for those students with special educational needs who don’t have regular classroom instruction.

“We’ve got to find ways to make sure that every kid in America has the opportunity to succeed in life and that they’re able to get an education, and we need to do that at a time when we have a huge number of kids who are going to be struggling in the coming years,” Biden said. 

“And we need a plan to do it.” 

He also called for an additional $1.4 billion in tax relief for families, which he says will help schools afford higher salaries for teachers.BADEN SAYS HE’S TAKING ‘THE RIGHT WAY’At the same time, Biden’s plan also calls for $3 billion in funding to combat childhood obesity.

Biden says he’s not trying to create a one-size-fits-all plan, but that schools and families need to work together. 

Biden calls for school funding to be cut by 40% for every $1 raised in taxes. 

His plan also would provide $300 million to help rural school districts.

Biden’s plan includes a proposal to provide $1 million to support school superintendents and principals who want to hire more students. 

Also on the budget is $500 million to make college more affordable, which the White says would help ensure that all students have the chance to graduate from college. 

President Biden also announced a new partnership with Teach for America to provide free tuition for high school students from rural and inner-city areas.BENID’S CHEAP TOURSBIDDEN CHILDRENS IN BIDEN’S BIDEOBID, BIDENS NEW SCHOOL IS A CHEAT: NEW SCIENTIFIC EXPERT SAYS “The Biden Administration is taking bold, pragmatic steps to help America’s children,” Biden told reporters Thursday.

“We’re taking the right steps to address the challenges of a changing economy, to prepare our children for a brighter future, and to provide them the tools they need for success.”

“I am a science-based economist, and the Biden Administration has an opportunity to advance our country and our economy by putting science first,” Biden added.

A former chief science adviser to President Barack Obama, Biden has also promised to bring in $500 billion in research grants to expand science education.